What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are highly dilute tinctures in which the solvent is spring water and solar energy. The essences work on an emotional, mental, and or spiritual issues and belong to a category of medicine called energetic or vibrational healing. Acupuncture and homeopathy are also energetic therapies.

Flowers at the peak of their vitality are floated on pure water in the sun. The energy from the sunlight transfers the energetic imprint from that flower to the water, which holds it indefinitely, like a blueprint or template. Brandy is typically added as a preservative, but vegetable glycerin may be substituted for brandy if there is a reason to avoid alcohol such as making essences for animals.

There is no physical plant material or chemical constituents present in the essences. Vibrational essencesBlume's Farm Fine Flower Essences for Pets and People are all infusions of energy patterns into water. A chemical analysis (using today’s technology) would not reveal any chemicals in the water except for the brandy or other preservative.

Each flower pattern or vibration corresponds to a specific “circuit” in the human/animal emotional structure. Everything in nature has a vibrational energetic pattern, rocks, trees, plants, water, animals, insects, humans.

Dosage for Flower Essences



Flower essences are most effective when given frequently- 4-8 times per day is ideal. Because it is impossible to overdose or abuse the essences, you are not limited in how many doses you take per day. For those with very busy schedules (read ALL of us), take first dose immediately upon rising in the morning, take second dose just before you leave for work or school, take third dose in water or tea bottle for throughout the day. Take fourth dose when you get home from work and take your final dose just before getting into bed for the night. You can squirt 4 drops directly under your tongue, put the drops in herbal tea or water, bathe in the tub with 12 drops added to the bath water (this is extremely effective), I’ve used the atomizer bottle and spritzed the air, pillows etc. If you’ll keep your essences in your shirt or pants pocket, it is annoying and will help you to remember to take it. You could drink the entire remedy at once and it would not be nearly as effective as taking 4 drops several times per day. Please take the essences more frequently to see the results, which you bought it for in the first place. Email me and let me know of your progress.

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The KEY in effecting a positive change in your animal is the frequency with which you dose*.

I cannot stress this enough. If you only give one or two doses per day you cannot expect to see the desired changes. With proper and consistent dosing you should see a change within 3 days.

You need to give the remedies (flower essences) at least 4 doses per day, 6 is better. I know this is not easy, but neither is living with the behavioral traits that you sought a remedy for in the first place. You cannot overdose on the flower essences. Put 4 drops in community water dish or 12 drops in trough. I give them a few drops directly into their mouths when possible. I like the water dish and paws for cats and dogs. Drop the remedies directly onto their paws or put 4 drops in a very small amount of broth, beef or chicken, dip their paws in the broth and they will lick it off. Also add the drops to any food or treat they are given.

You may also put 4 drops of the essence in a 4 ounce atomizer bottle filled with distilled water. Spray the essence, brushing or rubbing it into your pet’s coat. Spray the inside of their crate, their bed or favorite sleeping spot. Place the dose on your fingers and rub into their gums or on chakra points or on the underside of their ears. It is most effective to give it alone as opposed to giving it on treats and in foods, but please do give it in their food and treats as well. For horses I have often squirted remedies right onto grain. I also like to put the essences on my fingers and rub the horse just above the lip or on the head between the eyes. You cannot overdose on flower essences. They are most effective when given frequently – 4-8 times per day is ideal. Because the glycerin is naturally sweet, the flower essences are very palatable and the animals look forward to their dosing. Conventional medicines and herbal remedies are commonly calculated by the weight of the animal. However, because flower essences are energetic in action instead of physical, the dose is the same for a newborn hummingbird as it is for a draft horse, 4 drops, 4 times per day.

* It is worth noting that most animals are extremely sensitive to the emotional states of their people, so if you are giving remedies to your pet and they are not responding as you had anticipated, taking some of the essence yourself may be the catalyst needed for change.