Flower Essences for AnimalsFlower essences are highly diluted tinctures in which the solvents are spring water and the sun. Vegetable glycerin is added (for animals) as a preservative. Flower essences work on emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual levels and belong to a category of medicine called vibrational healing or energy medicine. Flower essences correct energy imbalances and disruptions so that healing may begin. Other modalities of vibrational medicine include homeopathy, acupuncture, magnetic therapy, and gem and crystal healing.

Healing Essences $12.00 for a 1-Ounce Bottle


You Cannot Overdose on Flower Essences
Flower essences do not interfere with other forms of treatment such as homeopathy, herbal, or conventional medicine. The standard dosage is 4 drops in a water dish or 12 drops in the trough for our animal friends. You may also put 12 drops of the essence in a 4-ounce atomizer bottle with distilled water and spray the essence or, for animals, 4 drops on their paws. You may take the essence(s) for a month if you are working on a long-standing condition, or you may need to only take them for only a few days. Many of the following essences and definitions come from The Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz. In some cases, I have expanded on the indications according to my personal experience with the essences and added essences that are described in other books on flower essences.

Check out our resources page to find books and other materials on flower essences.

Blume’s Farm Custom Blend Essences

To have a custom flower essence blend made for you or your pet, e-mail me a name, info regarding if it is for pet or person and birth date if you have it. Testing is $25 and the essence is $15.

I will test you and have a custom blend ready to ship out in 48 hours, unless I have posted a vacation schedule and your request falls within that time frame. If an additional essence is necessary after progress with the first blend, testing for a second one is $10.00 and essence is $15.

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