Blume’s Farm Healing Essences

Blume's Farm Flower Essences Denver ColoradoFlower essences are highly diluted tinctures in which the solvents are spring water and the sun. Brandy is added (for people) as a preservative. Flower essences work on emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual levels and belong to a category of medicine called vibrational healing or energy medicine. Flower essences correct energy imbalances and disruptions so that healing may begin. Other modalities of vibrational medicine include homeopathy, acupuncture, magnetic therapy, and gem and crystal healing.

Flower essences are energetic or vibrational medicines and do not interfere with other forms of treatment such as homeopathy, herbal, or conventional medicine. The standard dosage is 4 drops under the tongue, a minimum of 4 times per day. Essences are most effective when given FREQUENTLY throughout the day versus larger doses given only a couple of times a day. Take a dose (4 drops) first thing when you awaken and last thing before you go to bed. Try to get 2-3 doses during the day.

You may also put 4 drops in water or herbal tea to sip throughout the day. Flower essences may be added to your bath water, 6-10 drops.

Healing Essences $15.00 for a 1-ounce bottle



Again, flower essences are most effective when given frequently; 4-8 times per day is ideal. Because it is impossible to overdose or abuse the essences, you are not limited in how many doses you take per day. For those with very busy schedules (read ALL of us), take first dose immediately upon rising in the morning, take second dose just before you leave for work or school, and take third dose in water or tea bottle for throughout the day. Take fourth dose when you get home from work, and take your final dose just before getting into bed for the night. You can squirt 4 drops directly under your tongue, put the drops in herbal tea or water, or bathe in the tub with 12 drops added to the bath water (this is extremely effective). I’ve used the atomizer bottle and spritzed the air, pillows etc. If you’ll keep your essences in your shirt or pants pocket, it may be annoying, but it will help you to remember to take it. You could drink the entire remedy at once, and it would not be nearly as effective as taking 4 drops several times per day.

Blume’s Farm Custom Blend Essences

To have a custom flower essence blend made for you or your pet, e-mail me a name, info regarding if it is for pet or person and birthdate if you have it. Testing is $25 and the essence is $15


I will test you and have a custom blend ready to ship out in 48 hours, unless I have posted a vacation schedule and your request falls within that timeframe. If an additional essence is necessary after progress with the first blend, testing for a second one is $10.00 and essence is $15